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Herb Filled Pillows Make Over a Million Dollars

Lauren Rosenstadt was a single mom working at a herbcompany in Bethesda, Maryland. A herb (pronounced "erb") isa plant that has medicinal, savory, or aromic qualities.
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The 9 Key Distinctions of Successful Solo-Entrepreneurs!

SUCCESSFUL Solo-Entrepreneurs approach life and business from a perspective that is new, fresh, and rather unorthodox. The differences are subtle, yet significant.

10 Essential Tips for Starting Entrepreneurs - Ignore these at your Peril!

1. Do What You LOVE: If you've chosen your business because you read that this niche was the next hot one, or because your favorite uncle (or your best friend) thinks you'd be well-suited for this business, you may as well pack up now and save yourself some time and money.

Reducing the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

Starting and running your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very stressful. For most of our almost 40 year marriage my husband has been an entrepreneur and I have sometimes worked with him.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Shoot Themselves In The Foot

Entrepreneurs and their businesses have a tendency to ambush themselves when they aren't looking. This affects how much revenue they can generate, how fast their business rises, and even if they survive after the first few years.

Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of high achievers. They create things, get things started: businesses, clubs, churches, associations, even nations.

7 Lean Marketing Laws For The Inspired Entrepreneur

The following laws will provide guidance on how to act,think and work in a lean way. You can apply these laws toall areas of your life, work and business to get biggerresults from the time you invest.

Electronic Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

"Half of any job is having the right tool" was one of the earliest lessons I learned from my father growing up on a farm in Nebraska. As an organizing and productivity consultant, it continues to serve me well.

Traits of The Successful Entrepreneur

Want to know why certain people succeed and others don't. Well successful people have certain traits? Do you have them? Business has changed a great deal over the years.

5 TIPS for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard that only a small part (5%) of 'all' Home-Based Business entrepreneurs achieve success?Do an online research on your favorite Search Engine and you will understand what I mean.In this article I'm going to show you the KEY to Home-Based Business entrepreneurs success; you'll find out what makes an entrepreneur succesful in the home-based business field.

The Six "F" Words Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Start your own business, and soon enough, you find yourself in a situation where there are many things you want to say, all of them unprintable.It happens to every entrepreneur - a moment of extreme challenge that causes you to wonder why you started the (expletive) business in the first place.

Compensating for Your Entrepreneurial Style-or Lack of Style

I recently took an entrepreneurial quiz which evaluated my answers and informed me I would do best as a hired hand! So why am I a successful home business owner? Because I've learned to fill the holes in my entrepreneurial style, and compensate for my deficiencies. Let's start with a list of qualities that might benefit someone working for him/herself: 1.

What Makes An Entrepreneur Tick?

It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people. They not only will look at you because you stick out like a sore thumb _ but human nature will cause people to naturally ridicule what you are doing.

Raising Entrepreneurs: What to Do When Your Kid is Born to Think Differently

Adolescence brings with it many challenges - for both parents and kids. Young people, still new to the world, are embarking on a journey to discover their passions, joys, and authentic self-images.

The 7 Traits of an Exceptional & Successful Entrepreneur

How often have you either referred to or considered the expression, "Success is a journey and not a Destination?" Probably many times, yet often being in a hurry to get there, we forget that success is not an end unto itself, but is instead an ongoing process.Though some people seem to have the Midas touch and easily turn everything to gold, most of us have to give our endeavors lots of time, effort and the sweat of our brow before seeing things come to fruition.

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Celebrated Young Entrepreneur Accused of 2016 Sexual Assault in Austin at SXSW  Inc.

An investor asked the co-founder of Kiip, a mobile ad startup, to step aside until the case is resolved.

7 Key Qualities To Be An Effective Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

The fast-expanding and evolving physical and, safe to say today, the digital world has left one little time to contemplate. Ideas are brainstormed upon overnight ...

Catawba College Entrepreneur Fishes for His Big Idea  Catawba College News

Catawba College junior Hunter Faust may seem to some to be an unlikely entrepreneur but this student-athlete from Statesville, N.C., is literally fishing to ...

Business Mentor: The Evolution of a Successful Entrepreneur  ABS-CBN News

There is prestige when a person is referred to as the CEO or President of a certain company. A lot of people dream of climbing the corporate ladder.

70M People Are Counting On This Social Entrepreneur To Succeed  Forbes

John Kluge, founder of the Refugee Investment Network, is working to match impact actors in the refugee arena with impact investors seeking to make a ...

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Consider Before Founding a Software Startup  Entrepreneur

It's a common myth among the entrepreneurial community that for software startup to succeed, the founders must hail from a technical background such as ...

Why Saying 'No' is the New 'Yes' for Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

If you don't stop hugging the trees (executing the mundane to-dos) to look at the forest (reflecting on what you've done and what's on the horizon), that ...

Mental Health Hacks For Entrepreneurs  Forbes

Daily meditation is just one way for entrepreneurs to avoid burnout and get help.

Be authentic in your message, 'stay vulnerable' — and more business advice from Spanx founder Sara Blakely  CNBC

From what began with some scissors and a pair of pantyhose, entrepreneur Sara Blakely's "Spanx" idea has transformed into a lucrative global business. And it's ...

Here's How the Entrepreneur Behind Carvana Got the Idea That's Revolutionizing the Way We Buy Cars  Entrepreneur

'If nobody thinks you're crazy, you probably aren't on to anything truly novel.'

8 Tips Entrepreneurs Can Take Away From the Theranos Scam and Its Aftermath  Entrepreneur

Small wonder that HBO is about to release a documentary and Jennifer Lawrence is starring in a dramatic film: Because you can't make this stuff up.

Life is sweet for Willingboro entrepreneur baker  Burlington County Times

Sianni Dean started her business, Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls, while she was still a student at Willingboro High School. Now, the 20-year-old runs the ...

Optimism Over Latest U.S.-China Talks Outweighs Investor Concerns and Lifts Stocks to Moderate Gains  Entrepreneur

The current talks in Washington will be extended for a couple of days after President Trump met with Vice Premier Liu He today. China has reportedly agreed to ...

How This Entrepreneur Went From Living In His Office For Years To Landing $4 Billion In Funding  Forbes

David Klein's startup CommonBond has raised over $4 billion in capital. From that $130 million is equity and the rest has been debt capital or lending capital.

The Era of the Specialist Is Over  Entrepreneur

Quick: What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Julie Taymor, and Donald Glover have in common? It's not just talent or intelligence. No: These famous names are all ...

Missionary Entrepreneur  BW Businessworld

JeroninioFranciscoTorquatoAlmeida - Entrepreneurs are not self-employed-career-coolies who chase valuation, but leaders who create more leaders to ...

2019 Kia K900 - The Self-Made Entrepreneur Of Luxury Sedans  Forbes

One of the recurring storylines around Tesla is the rarity with which new automotive brands launch and succeed in a self-sustaining way. In fact, while it's not ...

Nutt named REAP entrepreneur of 2018 | Business  Kearney Hub

LYONS — Danelle Nutt of Ravenna has been selected as the 2018 Women's Business Center Entrepreneur Award recipient for the Center for Rural Affairs' ...

4 Reasons Why Social Media Has Become So Toxic and What to Look for Next  Entrepreneur

Users are being forced into a sensationalized 'publishing media' environment. Is it any surprise that Facebook's viewership has declined?

Must-Read Books for List-Makers, Disrupters and Social Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Press' Business and Pleasure series is dedicated to highlighting books that will take your entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level, as well as ...

5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship begins with a dream but succeeds with the motivation to back it up.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success  Entrepreneur

Rebecca Minkoff and Rosie Mercado share how they succeed through adversity and inspire women entrepreneurs.

What the Newly Elected Women in Congress Can Teach Us About Leadership  Entrepreneur

A record number of female leaders were elected to serve in the 116th Congress. For the first time ever, 23.4 percent of the voting members of the House of ...

An Electric Truck Startup Announces a $700 Million Investment Round Led by Amazon  Entrepreneur

Plus, a work video communication startup raises $11 million, and an artificial intelligence company raises $4 million.

4 Ways to Successfully Turn Your Day Job into a Side Hustle That Earns You Passive Income  Entrepreneur

Find out which key moves you can make to take your side hustle passive.

5 Unmistakeable Benefits of Being a Solo Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make when starting a business is whether to go it alone or to find a partner. Creating a partnership can be a great ...

Five Steps To Go From Employee To Entrepreneur  Forbes

If you've decided that you'd like to start a business, it is possible to turn that dream into a reality. The key to going from employee to entrepreneur is to know ...

The Single Leadership Trait All Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed  Entrepreneur

Can you stay level-headed regardless of the situation? If not, here are some tips to help you become a more objective leader.

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Glean From Their Kids' K-12 Teachers  Entrepreneur

Remember that teacher you loved in second grade who was so honest and constructive in her advice? Be that kind of entrepreneur.

How Entrepreneurs Can Help Developing Countries Hard Hit by Climate Change  Entrepreneur

Discussions around climate change solutions regained steam last November when a federal report indicated the negative impacts on public safety and the ...

How Becoming an Entrepreneur Helped Me Overcome Suicidal Thoughts  Entrepreneur

The artillery was still dropping as I ran up to Sgt. Young Min Dillon's position. I heard he was hit and arrived just in time to share the last moments of his life.

Ben Orcutt: The accidental entrepreneur  The Herald Bulletin

Ben Orcutt didn't have a grand vision for the arc his life would take when he arrived at Anderson University in 2006 to attend college.

Entrepreneurs Can't Afford to Stint on Disability Insurance  Entrepreneur

Illness or injury can be disastrous, especially for those living paycheck to paycheck.

Five Commandments of Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship creates wealth and value for the entrepreneur and society at large, and fulfils a market need. While the urge to set up a business of one's own ...

Q&A with JCSU alum Jamie Miller, entrepreneur and founder of Dear Sister CLT  Qcity metro

Jamie Miller, owner of The 518 Group and creator of Dear Sister CLT, shares why relationships are key and other lessons learned in a Q&A with Qcitymetro.

Why a Stress Detox Is Vital for an Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

Ben Huh, the CEO of the Cheezburger Network humor websites, wrote about his suicidal thoughts following a failed startup in 2001 in an article titled, "When ...

Starting a Small Business? This $20 Class Will Teach You How to Help It Thrive.  Entrepreneur

Barry Moltz shows students how to establish profitable, sustainable ventures across 15 hours of *content*.

Could Superman Be the Hidden Secret to Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed?  Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs, start-up founder and those who want to start businesses, have habitually discussed the feeling of imposter syndrome, insecurity or not ...

Don't Let Entrepreneurship Push You Over The Edge  Entrepreneur

It's no secret that the entrepreneur lifestyle is a hectic one, to put it lightly. These days, businesses operate around the clock, and as an owner, taking your eye off ...

Entrepreneur And DJ - Oskido Tells Us Why Brazil Is His Favourite Place  Forbes Africa

This South African DJ and entrepreneur is never home-sick when in Brazil. He says its food and music fill his soul. After traveling the world and the concomitant ...

How to Build Philanthropy Into Your Budget -- Even If You're Not Google  Entrepreneur

Big-name companies like Google are doubling down on corporate philanthropy. Here's how you can follow suit, no matter what your size.

Entrepreneur, social media influencer with inspiring message  Morning Bulletin

Those are the messages entrepreneur, influencer and women's empowerment advocate Kayla Boyd will be preaching at Headricks Lane next month. The wife of ...

The Explosive Rise Of The Entrepreneur  Forbes

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed a welcome trend amongst friends, peers and people I meet. More and more of them are becoming entrepreneurs, ...

Are Entrepreneurs Doomed When it Comes to Finding Love?  Entrepreneur

Considering that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, chances are that a gnawing question is eating at you and at many of your fellow overachievers. That question: ...

7 Lucrative Side Hustles  Entrepreneur

Whether you need a little extra cash to make rent or you simply want to explore your passions outside of work and get paid for it, a side hustle can be a lucrative ...

Upcycling jeans entrepreneur proving single mums are not scroungers  Free Malaysia Today

Suri Centre gives widows and divorcees skills needed to get back on their feet.

The Sharks get a chuckle out of an entrepreneur's pitch for an at-home urine test kit for pets  CNBC

The founder of Petnostics is in the Tank pitching his testing kit that helps keep pet parents aware of their animal's health. After he demonstrates how the at-home ...

Don't write off a 'failed' entrepreneur  Chicago Booth Review

I recently received an email from a former student of mine, Mrin. It was a thoughtful debrief on why she had decided to shut down the company I had been ...

8 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Effectiveness comes down to producing desired results. The most successful entrepreneurs have mastered being effective because it makes them work smarter, ...

Entrepreneurs Reshaping The Future  Entrepreneur

Move over, United Nations: it's time for entrepreneurs to save the planet.

5 European Movies and Shows That Will Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Spirit  Entrepreneur

Setbacks are inevitable on an entrepreneurial journey. Even the most successful people run into obstacles. There might be moments where your work doesn't ...

Real Estate Investors are Missing Out on a Major Source of Passive Income  Entrepreneur

With the cost of housing rising and people buying fewer homes, it's important to plan ahead. Real estate investors need to anticipate the next potential market ...

Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone Will Set You Back at Least $1,980  Entrepreneur

Samsung today announced the nation's most expensive, and possibly most innovative smartphone: the $1,980 (and up) Galaxy Fold, a 4.6-inch smartphone that ...

An entrepreneur brings professional grieving to eastern Congo  The Economist

DEBORAH NZIGIRE, a 65-year-old Congolese woman, is nervous when she sits down for her job interview. Her hands are clasped tightly together, her words ...

Women 'Stood Up'; Now It's Time for Men and Companies to Follow  Entrepreneur

MeToo taught women that there's strength in numbers. Those numbers will rise if women's male co-workers and employers also get on board.

David Shaw offers $25000 prize to winning entrepreneur  Press Herald

David Shaw, co-founder of Idexx and Covetrus and one of Maine's most recognizable businessmen, is providing a $25,000 prize to a local entrepreneur.

5 Simple, Science-Backed Ways Entrepreneurs Can Connect With Gen Z  Entrepreneur

This age cohort already boasts $500 billion in buying power. What have you done to appeal to them?

Why Deliberate Practice Matters for Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Real improvement requires short bursts of focused learning and concentration.

How Developing Good Entrepreneur Habits Will Bring You Business Success  Bdaily

Being an entrepreneur takes more than most people realise. Starting a business and making it a success takes a lot of work and determination that not everyone ...

Jada Pinkett Smith on the Persistence and Passion That Drives Her as an Entrepreneur  Entrepreneur

Jada Pinkett Smith has had an exciting few years. The multi-hyphenate star's 2017 hit film Girls Trip broke records at the box office, 2018 saw the launch of her ...

Carlos Chan, Filipino entrepreneur  Philippine Star

I first heard of Carlos Chan from Ramon Sy, a self-made man and the Cavite banker who breathed new life into the moribund Coco Bank.

5 Mistakes Made By New Entrepreneurs And How To Avoid Them  Entrepreneur

The fact is that the time has changed, markets have evolved, and hence, only the adaptive entrepreneur will survive.

Want a Sales Boost in 2019? Streamline Your Communications.  Entrepreneur

According to a survey by Bluesource, roughly 25 percent of employees polled said they regarded email as a major productivity killer. And that certainly sounds ...

A Former Model's Journey to Cosmetics Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneur

Ashley Peterson, former model and founder of Elizabella Cosmetics, discusses the insights she's gained about growing a business from her experience ...

Tech evangelist Guy Kawasaki reveals 10 learnings from Silicon Valley to be a successful entrepreneur  Economic Times

Drawing on his three decade-plus stint in Silicon Valley, along with his long association with Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, one of the world's best-known tech ...

Teen waitress to budding entrepreneur, Hillcrest's inspirational Tarryn tells her tale  Highway Mail

The local mom has grown from strength to strength in her business ventures and has an empowering story to tell.

Entrepreneur's first class success | The Mercury  IOL

Durban entrepreneur Ryan Naicker has grown his small manufacturing firm into an international supplier of personal care products.

5 Ways to Create an Environmentally Friendly Office  Entrepreneur

These actionable tips will bring you closer to a more mindful workplace that also saves you money.

NLP: What It Is and How Female Entrepreneurs Can Use It to Erase Self-Doubt and Other Obstacles  Entrepreneur

It's called neuro-linguistic programming and it can help you 'reframe' the mental barriers that keep you down.

This Startup Raised $30 Million. Now, Its Founder Is Accused of Fraud.  Entrepreneur

This promising Mexican startup closed its doors in the middle of a corruption scandal. How does this affect the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Meet The 23-Year-Old Singer Who Made it to The Entrepreneur India's 35U35 List  Entrepreneur

The young melodic wunderkind, Armaan Malik, finds his existence in music.

Longtime Humboldt entrepreneur to be inducted into Mark of Excellence Hall of Fame  northeastNOW

The Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce will host its 20th Mark of Excellence Awards next month.Co-owner...

How I Turned a Facebook Group Into a Thriving Startup  Entrepreneur

'Want to float an idea for a new startup?' asks this boating expert. A Facebook group could be just the place to find your new crew.

Get This Charger Optimized for People On The Go for Half Off  Entrepreneur

SCOUT features built-in charging for lightning, microUSB, Qi Wireless and more.

4 pieces of financial advice on how a new entrepreneur can flourish  Born2Invest

Managing finances is one of the main things a new entrepreneur needs to do well. Here are some tips to consider.

The Power of Positivity: 4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Online Presence  Entrepreneur

Instagram has become a business hub and marketing tool that can help you, as an entrepreneur working anywhere in the world, expand your influence far and ...

Why You Know More About Entrepreneurship Than Economists  Forbes

Economists have been perplexed about entrepreneurship ever since the term entrepreneur was first coined in the early eighteenth century. It's time to call in ...

Model 3 Gets Bad Report Card, Leading to Drop for Tesla Stock  Entrepreneur

Plus, more signs of a sputtering U.S. economy stoked fears of a bigger economic slowdown and sent stock prices lower today.

ZipRecruiter CEO shares the importance of work experience  Fast Company

The CEO of ZipRecruiter believes now is a great time to start a business–if you've spent time working for someone else.

Spiritual Healing with Johana Probst Nauser, Young Entrepreneur Michael Avale-Koryzna, Chicago's Most Popular Drink, Grammy Re-Cap with Mike Heidemann and What Did You Get Away With? | Kathy & Frank Show (Feb 21st)  WGN Radio - Chicago

Kathy Hart and Frank Fontana welcome on Shaman Johana Probst Nauser to discuss her work with spiritual healing and helping others through her passion.

Entrepreneurs & innovators to gather for Innovate Huntsville 2019  WHNT News 19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Innovate Huntsville 2019 is a week of collaboration and celebration of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Alabama. The event is ...

Ayesha Curry Shares How She Took Her Love of Cooking and Food and Built a 'Homemade' Empire  Entrepreneur

In this series, Instagram Icon, Entrepreneur speaks with the individuals behind popular Instagram accounts to find out the secrets of their success. For Ayesha ...

Why Your Next Startup Should Focus on Healthcare  Entrepreneur

The healthcare job market is experiencing a boom. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment numbers jumped by 42,000 in January, ...

Entrepreneurial Lessons From 'Game of Thrones' and the Super Bowl  Entrepreneur

American culture is saturated with popular shows, movies, music and sporting events -- but only a handful manage to really permeate mainstream ...

Detroit entrepreneur merges scientific, creative sides into brand that celebrates people of color  Crain's Detroit Business

Working a full-time job as an environmental scientist and launching a new business is no easy feat. Photo. Mark S. Lee is president and CEO of The Lee Group ...

The 4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When They Begin to Make 'Real' Money  Entrepreneur

It is every entrepreneur's dream: to make it -- to not only generate revenue, but have a humming business and a healthy profit to boot. But just because you ...

Dos and Don'ts of Content-based Entrepreneurship  Entrepreneur

How exactly does this work? What are the Dos and Don'ts? How does a person start earning? How and where to start?

Entrepreneurs, You Can Recognize, and Help Your Team Members With, Depression  Entrepreneur

Depression can be a struggle for employees and costly to a company's operations. Here are 5 steps leaders can take.

4 Latinx Entrepreneurs Share How They Built Brands With The Support Of The Latinx Community  Forbes

These 4 Latinas share what they've learned building online brands.

Jussie Smollett - US/China Trade & Entrepreneur Friday  WBBM NewsRadio

A look at the business impact of the Jussie Smollett hoax scandal, the latest on US/China trade negotiations and a discussion with the author of the book - Sticks ...

Entrepreneur Names RE/MAX Fastest-Growing Real Estate Franchise Brand  RisMedia.com

Leading the world's fastest-growing real estate franchisors, Denver-based RE/MAX, LLC, tops other real estate franchises in Entrepreneur magazine's 2019 Top ...

3 Types of Mentors All Entrepreneurs Need to Be Successful  Entrepreneur

Fernish CEO Michael Barlow discusses the mentors you need to seek out -- and those who are already sitting right next to you.

Going from employee to entrepreneur? my survival guide  The Standard

28-year-old Vincent, who's more popularly known as Vinn Clizz, is a former model and the founder of suits enterprise Vinn Clizz Ltd.

What 'Branding' in This Age of Renewed Interest in Space Means for Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Today, we are entering a renewed and re-energized era of space exploration and commercialization that to my belief is having a profound effect: It's instilling in ...

Workplace Flexibility Helps Entrepreneurs Attract Top Talent  Entrepreneur

So you've got to hire a CFO. The traditional path would be to find someone who shows up early every day and cranks indefinitely. But what if your new CFO was ...

Entrepreneur of the Year lifetime achievement award for Doug Frazer  Niagarathisweek.com

Niagara Falls resident's more than 40 years of business leadership, community *service* to be honoured.

How Micro Influencers Will Fuel Monetization in the Future  Entrepreneur

Over the past few years, we've witnessed the rise of the Instagram influencer. Influencers have developed into *content* creators who wield enough marketing ...

Wellness Apps and the 'Healthy' Opportunities They Offer Entrepreneurs  Entrepreneur

Some entrepreneurs are finding success in narrowing the focus of their apps and providing direction for specific wellness activities.

Social Entrepreneurship – An Answer to Global Problems  Entrepreneur

The best way to start a wind of change is through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, who have embraced the same, are the actual difference makers creating ...

How Patience Pays Off for Entrepreneurs Disrupting a Traditional Industry  Entrepreneur

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mars Discovery District talks with Aly Dhalla, the CEO of Finaeo. The company is a financial marketplace that began ...

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